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Newsletter - August 2022

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Greetings to all ‘Gaginang’ (Friends of Teochew roots) in the UK

We are delighted to send our very first newsletter to kickstart the month of August, we would like to share some information and updates to our members. The newsletter will become our monthly routine, please let us know your feedback or if you wish to opt out (by sending a reply “opt out” to this email). Our website Teochew UK contains all information regarding our club. The following are our highlights for this month:

Introduction of our Committee members:

  • Chair – Lijia Zhang

  • Treasurer – Howard Xie

  • Secretary – Tu Sen Tran

  • Social Media – Weena Jones

  • Membership – Valerie Chua

Culture & Events

  • Summer Gathering 14 Aug (Sunday)

We are invited for a Lunch Gathering (Potluck, bring a dish to share) at Seok Khim’s home at Guildford, please reply to this email or check at our group WhatsApp for more information.

We would like to share an interesting project “Wa Si Teochew Kia”, by Jason Heng, the co-founder from The Teochew Store.

The Teochew Store is an independent website originated from Singapore to promote Teochew culture and it’s language (dialect).

Jason Heng is implementing this project “Wa Si Teochew Kia” to promote learning of the Teochew dialect for children under age 3 with their parents, via a set of multimedia bilingual flashcards – My First 120 - Teochew Expressions《我是潮州囝——精选一百二十潮语词语》

A crowdfunding campaign is launched recently to raise funds for the production of the flashcards and videos, more information can be found in this link -

Please feel free to support this project at your own means and convenience (deadline to respond - 15 Aug 2022!), more information can be found at the end of this email.

Social Media

· WhatsApp – we have an informal chat group on whatsapp where we get to know each other through introductions and sharing some information and updates, please send your mobile number for invitation to join the group. · Social Media Pages – besides our Teochew UK website, you can find us and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. If you have any special announcement or articles that you would like to share via our social media pages, please reach out to our Social Media officer, Weena · Feel free to share your photos or any interesting information that you would like to update our members in the group, we can get to know each other better · Do you know we also have a separate WhatsApp group that shares our professional (business/work) information, to encourage professional networking to promote business/work? Please reach out if you would like to join this group too! We are so glad you have joined us and hope to see you at one of our future events. Have a great summer holiday!

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