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Teochew UK connects with Teochew France

Updated: Nov 8, 2023


With Buon Tan’s connection, members of Teochew France and Teochew UK held their first meeting online on 14th October 2023. The meeting was attended by Boun Tan, Lijia Zhang, Denis Do, Tu Sen Tran, Tu Tak Tran, Celine Soo-Huynh, Jennifer Chhim, Sophie Lor, Edmond Ta, and Arnaud Huynh.

在陈文雄的携手下,Teochew UK【 英国潮人会】与法国潮州会青年于2023年10月14日举行了首次在线会议。出席会议的有陈文雄Buon Tan、张丽嘉Lijia Zhang、杜来顺 Denis Do、陈斯胜Tu Sen Tran、Tu Tak Tran、Celine Soo-Huynh、Jennifer Chhim、Sophie Lor、Edmond Ta和Arnaud Huynh.

Both associations were set up to continue and maintain the Teochew culture overseas. We shared with each other the background, projects, and issues of the Teochew associations in France and the UK. We then brainstormed ideas of potential collaborations. Common aims included supporting a strong community and putting Teochew people in touch with the next generation so that language and culture is not lost.


A follow-up meeting took place online on 5th November 2023. The meeting was attended by Lijia Zhang,Tu Sen Tran, Celine Soo-Huynh, Jennifer Chhim, Sophie Lor, and Arnaud Huynh. We agreed to share the industry profile of our members with young Teochew people, and welcome them to reach out for industry related advice. A plan of action was agreed to hold member-wide online events on the first Sunday evening of every month, starting in January 2024.

在2023 11月5日举行了后续在线会议。出席会议的有:张丽嘉Lijia Zhang、陈斯胜Tu Sen Tran、Celine Soo-Huynh、Jennifer Chhim、Sophie Lor和Arnaud Huynh。我们同意开展支持下一代英法潮籍青年对就业方面的机会和活动。并确定从2024年1月开始,每月举行在线主题会员活动,鼓励会员们积极参加共同举办的活动。

We thank Buon Tan for creating these connections, and look forward to working towards our common goals with other gaginang in France.

【英国潮人会】感谢陈文雄Buon Tan建立重要的连接,并期待与法国的家己人一起努力实现我们的共同目标。

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